FAQs / Ordering Policies

Online ordering with Blankmedia.ca is simple and safe. Simply select the product and click shopping cart icon or click the product to bring up product details. In the product details, you can see the SKU of the product, the quantity in stock.  You can also change the quantity you wish to add to the cart. Click the add to cart button to move the product and quantity to your cart.

To View your Cart, click the View Cart button.

To Checkout, click the Checkout button.

Add your billing and shipping information,  select your method of shipping and choose your payment method. If you are paying by credit card, debit or paypal, you will be redirected to their website to make your payment.

If you are picking up your order at the Dundas Distribution Centre, select Pickup in Dundas and choose your payment option.

Pickup in Dundas Option

The Dundas Distribution Centre is not a retail store. Online orders receive priority over walk-in orders. We respectfully request customers to place their orders on the website and wait for notification that their order is Filled prior to coming to the warehouse. Allow our staff time to confirm that the stock is available and there are no issues with your order. The Dundas staff have the right to refuse service if your order has not been placed online.

Your consideration is appreciated.

All Pickup in Dundas Orders must be placed online prior to pickup.

If you need further assistance placing your order, please contact customer service.

Happy Shopping!


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