Rimage Black Ribbon for Rimage Everest 400 600 Printers

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Using only genuine Rimage Everest 400/600 Monochrome Ribbon assures you of a high quality, professional looking image to your CD or DVD.~

The Rimage Everest 400/600 Monochrome Ribbon prints approximately 1000 discs per ribbon. Monochrome black printing is ideal for black and white images and when using the Everest 400/600 for simple black text. Compared to printing with a Rimage Prism Monochrome you’ll find the resolution much higher, coverage in all back fields much deeper and the quality of greyscale significantly better.

First the Everest Printer prints a reverse of your high resolution image to the transfer film. The film is then permanently applied to an Everest compatible DVD or CD using heat and pressure. The result is a beautiful, high resolution disc label that will last the life of the disc.

  • Brand: Rimage

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