FAQs / The CPCC and Levies on CDR’s

The CPCC – Canadian Private Copying Collective

Who they are

Established in 1999, the Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC) is an umbrella organization whose member collectives represent songwriters, recording artists, music publishers and record companies.  The CPCC is the non-profit organization responsible for collecting and distributing private copying levies on behalf of its member collectives.

The Levy

Blankmedia is responsible for reporting and remitting the private copying levy to the CPCC for sales of CD-R imported by Blankmedia. Currently the levy is set at .29 cents per disc and Blankmedia will add this charge to the price of any CD-R that Blankmedia imported. 

Some businesses and groups are registered with the CPCC in the Zero Rating Buyers Program. This program allows purchases of imported CD-R’s levy free to companies validly registered in the Zero Rating Program. To find out more about the Canadian Private Copying Collective, the Zero Rating Buyer Program or to fill out an online application, go to http://www.cpcc.ca/en/zero-rating/zr-buyers.




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